Who is Australia's Most Generous?

2020 was a year we won't forget, and more than ever Australian's pure kindness and generosity was demonstrated in a year that was as trying and exhausting as it was unprecedented.

Here at Little Shop HQ, we receive orders from all over the country in most cases tagged with heartfelt and heart-melt messages.

Sure, its not a competition, but it did get us thinking... Who is the most generous state, or territory in Australia? We crunched the numbers and found some very interesting facts about just how generous all Aussies are.

We've unpacked if women gift more than men, South Australians more than Queenslanders and uncover the reasons people commonly decide that a little box of happiness can brighten someones day.

It says a fair bit about a nation when 40% of orders are going out 'because someone was having a rough time'. Sure, we've got a long way to go on the road to understanding and supporting mental health but those number gave us some hope that we've got a pretty caring population.

Are you one of Australia's most generous?

BTW: Victoria, welcome out of snap lockdown! Well done. 

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