Gift Box Ideas

Despite their funky, modern appearance, gift boxes are pretty timeless. Google tells us that giving wicker baskets containing delicious treats dates back to 1066. In the 11th Century, the Brits had great gift box ideas and often gave hampers filled with food, drinks and clothing as a charitable offering to poor families.

Back here in the 21st century, we are keeping the tradition alive with food, drink and a few other modern twists on a unique but timeless gift idea for any season, reason, friend or foe. (ok, maybe not foe's!)

For Christmas

If you are looking for Christmas gift box ideas, our collection of goodies are super popular because it’s a present that keeps on giving right through the festive season.

Whether you want to help someone zen out over the silly season, perk up after a shizzy year or just start 2021 with a bunch of happy vibes, Little Shop of Happiness can deliver!

For best friends

Hands down, we are most commonly called upon when someone is looking for a gift box idea for a best friend (who knows maybe in the 11th century even Hildegard of Bingen sent a hug in a box to Matilda of Tuscany*).

Catching up with friends is getting HARD.  There’s way too much other [less fun] stuff that needs to be done, like work and/or study, running kids to sport, cleaning, life... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So it seems, that many lovely lasses want to send something to their best friends to let them know they are missing them and thinking of them.

(*hey don’t hate on us for getting our history intel wrong. Making great gift boxes is more our jam).

For romance 

It’s not dead, y’all. Promise! We get loads of requests for romantic gift box ideas and we are oh so happy to oblige. (It helps fill a void, y’know. When God was dishing out romance to our hubsters, He mucked up and gave an extra dose of sports-madness instead 🙄).

We love seeing super sweet requests for boxes to be delivered to long distance girlfriends, girlfriends that have had a bit of a bad run of things, or to say congrats for something new and awesome or even, hold-up: just because. 💓.

Those Dukes and Kings and Earls were definitely onto something. Sending a gift box to someone 'spesh is a pretty classic way of brightening someone’s day; whether it’s for Christmas, for your best friend or a lil’ romance.

If you think a lil box of delight could be just kind of thing to send this Christmas, then check out our range

Amy & Liza

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