Nominate a Superstar


We feel so blessed and grateful for all our amazing customers and to show our appreciation and thanks, we want to give back to you! After all, the happiest people are those giving more not getting more! 
Do you know someone who you think is an absolute super star, someone who has a kind soul and needs to be reminded they are loved, special and appreciated? If you do, please consider nominating them for our monthly happiness giveaway. Tell us below in less than 50 words why they deserve a sprinkle of happy vibes sent their way. 
  You can nominate as many people as you wish and each and every nomination will be considered. You can even come back and nominate every month. 
Please start your email with I NOMINATE A SUPERSTAR BECAUSE ....
A SUPER STAR will be picked by us and you will be contacted for the name and address of your nominated person. The winner will be able to send a box of happiness plus a hand written note to their nomination we will keep it as surprise until the box arrives.  We love helping to bring happiness to peoples lives who really need it so we will pick a nomination that touches our hearts. 

We would love to encourage everyone to help out someone in need if you are in a position to do so ♥️