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Explosion Gift Box

Confetti Explosion Gift Box

Take your gifting game to the next level with a conffeti explosion surprise gift box from Little Shop of Happiness! Personalise your feel good gift box or little box of happiness, and you have the perfect little gift to make someone's day.



Our Little boxes of happiness gift hamper deliveries are always a sure-fire way to brighten someone’s day. It is even better when it’s a surprise connfeti explosion box. Think of this, friends family member your loved ones or your team members opens the box and there’s a pop of confetti and lots of colour perhaps with your loving little gift message to tell them how thankful you are for them. We can be sure you will get a face time call to see all smile on their face! Maybe even some happy tears at the wonderful surprise gift that they have just opened from you. Make sure you get someone to film their reaction - we can promise it’s going to be good you will want to see for yourself!

Our Connfetti Explosion boxes are here to help you make your loved one’s day and make them feel special, loved and care for. When you can't be there in person be there with a hug in the form for a conffeti explosion gift.

Confetti Explosion Box FAQ's

You can purchase the best Confetti explosion Gift Boxes from Little Shop of happiness. We have cool, original exploding confetti Gift Boxes ready to be dispatched and delivered Australia wide. Choose the best Happy Birthday confetti explosion gift box or a thinking of you gift that you know will make them feel good from Little Shop of happiness.

Confetti Explosion Box giftsthat explode with conffeti and fun are surprising and very playful, you may not want to give them to a tough boss in a corporate space ( or you might) But confetti explosion gifts are fun and surprising for everyone. You can gift them to anyone who you want to make smile and light up their day you can give them to your son or daughter, schoolmates, your mum or dad, partner, neighbour, or grandchildren. Anyone who needs a boost of happiness.

At Little Shop of Happiness have made the process of ordering a gift box that explodes with conffeti simple. All you have to do is either build your own confetti explosion box or select from our pre made conffeti explosion box:

  1. Once on our home page, locate select conffeti explosion box.
  2. Select either a pre made explosion conffeti box or build your own conffeti explosion box
  3. Follow the steps, add a gift card note so when the person opens the box they can read a mesage from you.
  4. Once done with that, you will need to send a delivery address and wait for your order to be sent to you.
  5. Tracking information will be sent to you when your order is on it's way!