Amazing Random Acts of Kindness

Amazing Random Acts of Kindness

How You Can Help Make The World a Better Place & Feel Good in The Process

You know that amazing feeling you get when you do something kind for someone for no other reason than to brighten their day? At Little Shop of Happiness, WE LOVE THAT! 

 A random act of kindness can be a simple, heartfelt gesture that might just make someone's day. We’ve fallen hard for random acts of kindness and their positive vibes so much that we decided to write this whole blog post on them. So get ready for some exciting suggestions for you to have fun with as well as what we’ve been up to. 

3 Benefits of Kindness

Before we get into the juicy content of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, get comfy for a (fun) lesson in why kindness should be a top priority. 

The proven benefits that kindness experts (what a job title) have discovered through their research have been blowing.our.minds! We’re here for it and love that you are too. 

Here are 3 of our favourite benefits of kindness:

1) It’s contagious

Body: Seriously! When you’re kind to someone, not only are they more likely to be kind to others (yay) but science shows that even witnessing an act of kindness is enough to motivate others to be kind too. 

2) It makes you happier

So, there’s this gang of happy chemicals we have access to - serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin that come out to play when kindness is around. Like Charlie’s Angels, they help to kick stress hormone (cortisol) butt and cause that region of the brain to shrink. If that wasn’t cool enough, kindness also spreads the good feels - love, joy and our personal fav HAPPINESS! 

3) Creates connection & sense of belonging

Nobody is lonely on kindness’ watch. Us human beings are sociable at heart and connection has a big impact on our health and wellbeing. Kindness is a simple but powerful act that helps people feel like they belong.

Do Good, Feel Good Club

What are Little Shop of Happiness doing about kindness? We’re so glad you asked…

It’s been our mission since day 1 (throwback to 2016) that we not only spread smiles, joy and happiness across Australia with our fun, uplifting and feel good gift hampers but across the world with the message that when you do good, you feel good

That’s why we’re starting a club called, you guessed it, DO GOOD, FEEL GOOD CLUB. It’s time to spread the message even further that kindness is a powerful force and we’d love to have you on board. 


Bestie, never underestimate your power to create positive change in the world. Every act of kindness causes a ripple effect that spreads out. Remember, it catches. As ‘The Police’ (the band, not the law) sang “every little thing she does is magic.”

Treasure Hunt

We decided to have even more fun with random acts of kindness by creating our very own treasure hunt. The LSOH team hid some of our gorgeous gift boxes full of goodies and inspirational cards across Australia for the public to find. From gift hampers online to the streets!

Being an online business, we don’t often get to witness the reactions to our lovingly curated gift boxes but the surprise, smiles and happiness we witnessed from the beautiful souls who discovered our gifts that day was so heartwarming. It really solidified our belief that when you do good, you feel good. 

We loved it SO much that we’ve decided to make it a monthly thing. Are you following us on Insta yet? Stay tuned because you could stumble upon one of our unique gift hampers in your city next…

Soul Gestures

Soul Gestures is a Perth based charity with a focus on “inspiring every young person to shine.” We’ve been working with Soul Gestures for some time now, spreading good vibes to those in need of a pick me up. 

Through their research, Soul Gestures found that 90% of high school students think the world is a negative place to be. To help turn that around, the sweet team at Soul Gestures are doing a ‘Kindness Challenge’, sharing hundreds of notes and surprises, inspiring others to spread more kindness too. We’re so honoured to be participating, donating little boxes of happiness to help young people feel more positive and uplifted. 


You can also purchase a little box of happiness of your choice on our website, from  LGBTQ+ Pride gift boxes and the best birthday gifts to get well gifts and gourmet gift hampers or our amazing care packages. Just add a note to donate to Soul Gestures and we’ll send it to their team who will match your donation up with the right person. A true act of kindness. 

Our Bestselling Little Box of Happiness


Random Acts of Kindness you can do today

Looking for some more inspiration on random acts of kindness you can do? Don’t worry, we got you. Here are some of our top suggestions to spread kindness:

1) Drop compliments 

Body: You know when you pass someone in the street and you just LOVE their style, their hair, their whole vibe? Let them know. Push past any fear of looking silly and know that a simple compliment could be exactly what they needed to hear in that moment and may also encourage them to pass on a compliment to a stranger. 

Compliments on social media are great too, that way everyone in the comment section can catch those good vibes too. 

We include a handwritten personal note with our little boxes of happiness so you can add in your own cheeky compliment if you send someone a surprise gift hamper (we love to read all the beautiful messages that are added to our hampers too). 

2) Pay if forward

Body: Next time someone treats you to something, be it flowers from your bae, brunch from your mum or coffee from a colleague - pay it forward. It doesn’t need to be like for like but do listen to the intuitive nudges you feel. Maybe you feel called to buy a meal for the next homeless person you see or offer, babysit for your friend’s kid next time they mention how tired they are or if you’re looking for thank you gift ideas for someone who’s been kind to you, we have a gorgeous selection of luxury gift hampers to choose from. 


        Get creative, be spontaneous and have fun paying it forward!

3) Spend time with someone

Your time is the most valuable gift you can give someone. Whether it is lending an ear to someone who’s having a hard time or having a cup of tea with your elderly neighbour who lives alone. You might just have the most authentic and heartfelt conversations you’ve had in a long time.

We’d love to hear from you

What is an act of kindness that you’ve given or received that etched itself into your heart, mind and soul? Send us a message, we’d love to share it with our community. 

And remember, if you can be anything in the world, be kind. 


Much love, 

Little Shop of Happiness Team x


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