Christmas Gift Boxes

While we have been unravelling the Christmas lights and detangling the tinsel, you fabulous little givers of happiness have been asking us stacks about Christmas Gift Box ideas.

And we are more than happy to oblige (putting together Gift Boxes definitely wins over tinsel wars).

It goes without saying that in Australia (and probably the world over), Christmas Gift Boxes are going to be a popular choice this year because planning travel is still a little cray-cray. We’re all looking for ways to still give a little yuletide love without the risk of another outbreak of you-know-what!

So, let us pop on our elf-attire and step you through some of our ideas for Christmas Gift Box giving.

Little Box of Happiness

Oh, 2020 the year that was! If there was e’er a year that someone might need a Little Box of Happiness delivered right to their doorstep: This. Would. Be. It.

Our Little Box of Happiness is one of the best Christmas Boxes you could give (or receive, #writesonwishlist)

Soft and squidgy marshmallows (hot tip – eggnog with toasted marshmallows is da bomb), an all natural body scrub (made with citrus essential oils for a burst of I-can-get-though-another-Christmas-party energy), a happy affirmation card (good mood coming atcha), word rock, luxury scented candle, a happy eye mask (good-bye Festive season panda eyes) and our signature Happy Water Bottle.


Little Box of Good Vibes

Good Vibes never go astray and this collection always makes a nice Christmas Gift Box for friends.

The lucky recipient of this collection will get a luxury hand cream (essential for present wrapping marathons), large bag of gourmet sweets (also essential for present wrapping marathons), a cute little journal (perfect for 2021 goal setting), lip balm (pukker up for the mistletoe), luxury candle, word rock, affirmation cards and an inspirational print. Boom! Good Vibes.


Hug in a Box

Elbow taps be damned. Remember hugging? #wemisshugs

Thankfully, we still have our Hug in a Box (which we think is a pretty cute Christmas Box idea) so you can still wrap that special someone up in nice stuff and make them feel all safe and cosy and happy and loved.

That nice stuff includes a lavender and peppermint snooze-inducing eye pillow, a beautiful scented candle, some lip balm and of course, our all-important inspirational happy cards and happy rock. So your hug in a box just keeps on hugging!

Christmas Gift Box

Little Box of Gratitude

Christmas is one of those times that we really do slow down and hone in on how lucky we are (over the festive season, I love ditching the after-school rush and swapping it for time at the beach, hanging out with family, eating good food and drinking nice wine - Amy).

Our Little Box of Gratitude is pretty bang-on for reminding your lucky recipient to enjoy some down time. This gorgeous box is one that would make a good Christmas Gift Box for her or him, because it comes with a beautiful bottle of wine (you choose – red or white), a delicious gourmet nougat bar or scrumptious “you are awesome” chocolate, scented candle, our Happy affirmation cards and word rock.

Aww thanks!


Little Box of Sunshine

Aussies do Christmas and sunshine quite well, but we think but there’s no problem with boxing up some extra rays to send to someone special. This is the large gift box amongst the LSOH family because it is brimming with all things delicious and positive and happy happy joy joy - salted caramel fudge, bath salts, tote bag, affirmation cards, word rock, scented candle, smile mug, wall plaque, hot chocolate and pukka tea – definitely the Christmas Gift Box to go to for someone who is hard to buy for. 

Keen on a discount?

Christmas Shopping can be stressful. So if you want to send out all the good vibes and tick of your Christmas list in one foul swoop, get in touch with us… we offer a discount for sending bulk Christmas Boxes. And we can do personalised gift boxes too.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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Psst: Given we're pretty flat out packing and send ya'all gift boxes (including for some big wig corporates) we'll be off the blog for a bit but will be sure to check back in once the last box has found its way to the its lucky recipient.