Meet our co-founder Liza

Our co-founder Liza is the reason Little Shop of Happiness came to be. In fact, the idea hit her like a bolt of lightning!

Since the idea came to her back in 2015, Liza and co-founder Amy have been busy on their mission to spread joy and happiness.

Here's Liza's story 💛

How did Little Shop of Happiness come to be?

It came to me one day when I was picking up my kids from school - the idea actually hit me like a lightning bolt - “you need to send boxes of happiness to make other people feel good”. 

It was not long after I read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which talks about how ideas come to you and often we let them go and later see someone else making your idea come to life!

The next week I told Amy about this strange lightning bolt experience while we were on a girls weekend in Rottnest Island.

Amy instantly responded with “Let’s do it! Where do we start…”, and ever since that moment we have been working away making it happen.  

Little Box of Happiness has always been about bringing sunshine into people's life. 

When you open a box you are greeted with the message HELLO SUNSHINE - the goal is an instant good feeling! 

We wanted to create a gift that creates a ripple effect of happiness that for the person sending the box of happiness to the person reviving the gift - everyone feels good. 

The aim was to create something so unique and thoughtful that when you open a box you instantly try to think of someone you can send one to.

We want to connect loved ones, make their day brighter and remind them how amazing and loved they are! 

Personally, I’ve always been drawn to helping people, and have always been looking to start a business – so it’s a perfect match!

The concept of helping connect people and do something knowing it’s lifting people up and making them feel good brings me so much joy! 

I fell in love with this idea from the beginning and absolutely love the business we have created today. I am definitely a proud business owner! 

Why happiness in a box?

Being kind to people is one of the many reasons we started making little boxes of happiness. 

We wanted to create something unique fun and exciting to send to your friends and family when you know they need a boost of happiness and good vibes sent their way. 

One of our favourite boxes, Hug In A Box, was created during lockdown when people were unable to see loved ones in person. Hug In A Box was an affordable way to bring some sunshine in to your loved ones life’s during that difficult time. 

Adding a thoughtful note to the gift makes each box of happiness even more special. My hands-down favourite thing about the business is reading how kind people are to each other.

Writing those notes knowing it’s going to make someone day is just the best feeling! 

I really believe words carry so much meaning. They make us feel loved, they make us feel wanted and they make us feel valued and it’s magical to be part of this interaction between others.


What are you most proud of?


When we started Little Shop of Happiness my three children were only little; now they’re growing up knowing the importance of kindness and doing good things. 

They understand the ripple effect of happiness, and that when you do good you feel good. 

The smallest of acts can have the biggest impact on someone's day - it makes me feel so proud when I then see them finding ways to be kind in their own lives and it makes everything feel so worthwhile. 

I hope they understand that the reason behind the business is allowing me the freedom to do something I’m passionate about and something that can make a positive impact on the world. 

I look forward to hearing what they think when they are all grown up, and how the business has impacted their lives. 

It also makes me so proud to read the reviews when we hear from our valued customers - knowing that what we are doing is creating that ripple effect of happiness we aim for, and actually having an impact on peoples lives like we hoped. This is definitely a proud feeling. 

What do your kids think about your business?


My kids love the business - they think of it like part of our family which I love!

We used to run the business from my family garage so they got to see everything in action. 

They now love coming to the warehouse with me during school holidays to help pack orders and watch the magic happen.

They are always coming up with ideas and suggestions how to do things and I hope one day they can be part of it all and bring their own take to the business. 

What's next in store for you?

We've got a few exciting projects we are working on, one being the DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB.

Getting it up and running is taking a little longer than expected but we are slowly taking steps to bring it to life for you guys.

This really makes me excited to see where this will take us. 


Here’s a little more info about the club…

The DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB: empower as many people as possible to spread kindness with our inspiring, feel good products; positively impacting those who wear it, others, and the planet because everyone (including the earth!) deserves to feel good.

The DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB is dedicated to making and designing high quality unique clothing & products, all designed to make you feel good.

Hoodies, t-shirts and more with positive messages and feel good slogans to make you feel good and others smile when they see you wearing them.