The Ultimate Best Friend Gift Box Guide

7 Types of BFFs and Their Perfect Gift Box Pairing

You know your best friend better than almost anyone, so why is it so hard to find them the perfect gift?
You want to buy something that is both unique and meaningful, but sorting through all of the options can be overwhelming. There’s nothing worse than holding out for the perfect present, only to end up panic-buying something super lame at the last minute (I’m looking at you, singing rubber fish).
Go ahead and exhale, because you can stop panicking. It turns out you don’t have to know what to get your BFF, you just have to work out what kind of best friend you have (it’s easy, promise!). Just read through the list below, and you’ll have your bestie’s gift sorted in no time.

1) Your Childhood Best Friend

 They were there for your first bee sting. They know which Disney prince you had a crush on, and they know all about that embarrassing pair of leopard-print cargo pants that you thought were just sooo cool. They pretty much know all of your secrets— but thankfully, love you enough not to share them.
It can be hard to find a creative gift for someone who you’ve been through so much with. The pressure is ON to find something unique to their personality that you haven’t already given them 9 times before. Why not just show them how they make you feel? We recommend the Little Box of Happiness. A vibrant hamper packed with high-quality treats and keepsakes; this gift will inspire instant feelings of joy!
 Little Shop of Happiness 

2) Your Work Best Friend

Sometimes referred to as your “work wife” or “work husband,” this person sees a side of you that your other friends and family rarely do. They know better than anyone what it is you do all day, and why you deserve a giant raise and a hug. They’ll seize any opportunity to praise you in front of the boss, and will pick up an extra almond-milk cappuccino for you on their way in to work.
No matter how tough the day ahead, it always feels a bit more manageable knowing they’ll have your back. How do you even begin to repay them? Answer: Shower them with gratitude! The Little Box of Gratitude is the perfect gift to help them relax and unwind after a busy workday.

3) Your Adventurous Best Friend

This is the friend who will call you up first thing in the morning and say, “Get dressed! I have an idea!” They may push you well outside of your comfort zone, but at the same time, they’re the mastermind behind many of your favourite memories. Skydiving? Entering a singing contest? That last-minute trip you took to Japan? Yup, that was allll them.
They never stop surprising you, and you’ve gotta love them for it. What better present for a best friend like this than a fun surprise? The Mystery Box comes with 5 happy products that will keep them smiling and recharged between adventures. Have it delivered directly to their address, or hand it to them yourself while the two of you zipline through the Costa Rican rainforest.

4) Your Cozy Best Friend

Fancy nights out dancing with your crew can be fun, but sometimes you just want to stay home in your PJs and chill. This best friend is more than happy to join you. Even when you’re sporting a coffee-stained T-shirt and no make-up, just being with you is all this friend needs to be happy. Whether you’re watching cheesy movies or indulging in a little at-home pampering, they love you just as you are. This type of best friend might also be a housemate, or could even be your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse.
Why not give them something they can use during your next comfy night in? With Hug in a Box’s relaxing lavender and peppermint eye pillow, lip balm, and more; they can enjoy a mini spa night without ever leaving the couch. 
PS- This also makes a great gift for when you and your best friend are stuck having separate nights-in during COVID lockdowns! When you can’t give them a hug in person, this gift-boxed version is the next best thing.

5) Your Mum Best Friend

If you’re a mum too, you probably wonder how you’d stay sane without her! From playgrounds to 1st birthday parties, she’s your go-to person when you’re dying to have an adult conversation for once. Even when your chats are interrupted every 5 minutes so you can tell your kid to stop eating sand, she totally understands and never judges you. 
Think she could use some wine & chocolate? Of course she could! And a ton of other clever gifts just for mums. She desperately needs the Mother’s Day Wine and Chocolate Lover gift box. It’s obviously the perfect hamper to give her on Mother’s Day, but really, what mum wouldn’t love getting one of these ANY day?

6) Your Zen Best Friend

You should pretty much be paying them for all the free life coaching they give you. They’re the friend who always validates your feelings and helps you to look at the bright side of things. They’ll point out the cool flower or sunset that you weren’t even paying attention to. They’re the world’s best listener, and they radiate kindness. Beautiful inside and out, this best friend deserves an equally pretty gift.
For your Zen bestie, go for a gorgeous Selenite Lamp box. This gift is a wonderful way to give back a bit of the light they’ve shone into your life. They really are a gem!


7) Your Best Friend Who is Family

Sometimes best friends aren’t made, they’re born. Maybe they’re your sister, your cousin, your mom, or your cool aunt. In any case, they are the first person you call in good times and in bad. You can’t pick your family, but if you could, you would have chosen them anyway!
They’ve stood by your side your whole life, and not just because they had to, but because they wanted to. Show them how much you appreciate them by sending some good vibes their way. The Little Box of Good Vibes is the perfect collection of uplifting goodies to express just how much they are loved!

Want to make their gift extra special?

Make their box even more unique by adding in fun extras, like a personalised polaroid or a luxury scented soy candle. See our Gift Box Extras page for more!
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