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Do Good Feel Good Club



    Mission Statement

    DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB: to spread the power of kindness through fun, inspiring clothing and feel good products.  

    Vision Statement

    DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB: to empower as many people as possible to spread kindness with our inspiring, feel good products; positively impacting those who wear it, others, and the planet because everyone (including earth) deserves to feel good.

    The DO GOOD FEEL GOOD CLUB is dedicated to making and designing high quality unique clothing & products, all designed to make you feel good. Hoodies and Tshirts and more with positive messages and feel good slogans to make you feel good and others smile when they see you wearing them! We want to spread the message that when you make someone else feel good you in turn you feel good too- it is really that simple. 

    Join the do good feel good club buy purchasing one of our designs for yourself or send one to a loved one as a gift and make their life a little bit brighter. 

    We love creating items with feel-good messages and designs that will make you smile as we believe we all need positivity and happiness in our lives! Join the club today and experience the ripple effect of doing something good and feeling good in return